Non-coercive approaches to difficult situations- drawing on our own experiences and resources- through the lens of Intentional Peer Support

Chris Hansen

Amongst us there is much talk and energy aimed at the abolition of coercion. But how do we do that? This storytelling workshop aims, through the lens of Intentional Peer Support, at drawing on our inner resources and those of the people in our circles to examine the elements of successful non-coercive interactions in situations where coercion was a possibility.

This workshop is part of a project aimed at creating a curated archive of stories, and relational environments and workplace cultures which notice, celebrate and learn from the ‘sparkling moments’ that happen every day (and usually go unnoticed).

Learning objectives; Participants will:

  • Understand the principles and tasks of Intentional Peer Support
  • Hear some stories of volatile situations which were defused
  • Examine some of the elements that contributed to this being possible
  • Reflect upon their own stories and histories for similar successes
  • Be able to reflect upon and relate some of the elements that led to positive outcome