The Culture of Commoditization

Kristina Kapp and Shawn Terrell

While there are many approaches to person-centered planning, the emphasis must always be on the human 2 human relationship when working with people. The presenters will r the history of person-centered practices (PCP), the current PCP standards as well as tools that can be used by administrators and advocates to conduct PCP audits and training strategies to help states and providers develop services that are focused on shared humanity, de-emphasizing professional roles, congruently bringing providers of services funded by taxpayers into compliance with person centered standard practices.

I. The state of the human rights within Behavioral Health system
What is the current culture of Human Services & Behavioral Health?
Human Rights:

  • Discussion of Human Rights and the intersectionality of Behavioral health (Shawn the history of Person- Centered Planning)
  • State (KK snapshot Ohio State house bill 438). How Person- Centered Planning   II. United We Stand Divided we fall coming together to Empower advocacy and education to advance person centered planning
    Join Humans2Human as one unified voice  

III. Educate, Advocate & Elevate; Act as One Voice

To make real again Human Rights as the Cornerstone of our Society Through Person-Centered Planning