Peter Stastny, M.D.

Dr. Peter Stastny is a New York based psychiatrist, documentary film-maker and a founder of the International Network toward Alternatives and Recovery (INTAR). He is a Lecturer at the Global Mental Health Program of Columbia University, and a participant in RedeAmericas, a federally funded program of hubs to advance community mental health programs, research and education in Latin America. Recently, he has become consultant to the New York City Department of Mental Hygiene in connection with the New York City Parachute Project, funded by the federal Center for Medicaid and Medicare Innovation to redesign crisis responses for individuals experiencing acute psychosis and their support networks. He is also a co-founder for the Institute for the Development of Human Arts (IDHA).

Dr. Stastny has been working on the development of alternative services that obviate traditional psychiatric intervention and offer autonomous paths towards recovery and full integration. He has frequently collaborated with psychiatric survivors, for example by spearheading peer specialist services, peer-run businesses, and transitional living groups, as well as conducting research and writing projects. Examples are a book and major exhibit at the New York State Museum, The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic (together with Darby Penney) and the edited volume Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry. He has directed several documentary films.