Sarah Fatemeh Porter

Sarah Fatemeh Porter is continuing her studies in social work at the University of Washington (Seattle) School of Social Work. Her interests are in centering the lived experience of suicidality in research, policy, and health services; the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act of 2020; community-based participatory research methods; and in culturally appropriate mental health interventions.

Sarah has worked as a Project Manager for a University of Denver based study focusing on the experiences of LGBTQ+ adolescents and college students with suicide, bullying, and self-harm; she conducted an exploratory study of campus mental health practitioners, faculty, and student support staff experiences working with Black, Indigenous, and other Students of Color (BIPoC) when they are experiencing mental health crises; and she led a project sponsored by the Washington Department of Health, and WSHA to identify suicide care best practices in Washington emergency departments.