Mitzy Sky

Mitzy Sky shares her journey through writing, spoken-word, storytelling, and videography. She’s consciously unlearning messages that hindered her from living wholeheartedly, and she is an award-winning poet. Who’s the Boss? received 3rd Place in the 2021 CT Press Club Communications Contest. Her poem In This Moment was published in We Are the Change-Makers – Poems Supporting Drop the Disorder. She contributed to the anthology Imagining Monsters and the American Journal for Psychiatric Rehabilitation (AJPR) - IRCC Special Issue Boundary Crossings: Systems, Communities, and Expertise published by the University of Nebraska Press (UNP). She has contributed to the online magazines The Good Men Project and Mad in America. She develops and facilitates the Compassionate Activism program at Advocacy Unlimited, Inc., and she created the Beyond the Story© project and is a Blogger/Vlogger at