Earl Miller

Community Supports Coordinator, Western Mass Recovery Learning Community / Coordinator of Peer Roles, Center For Human Development

Earl Miller first entered the psychiatric and foster care systems when he was 12. He went on to spend as much of his teen years in the system as he did out, which continued into early adulthood and included experiences of homelessness, hospitalization, and a great deal of trauma. Along the way, he received the message that he should never become a father, and that he should give up making music because it wasn't good for his ‘mental health'. Nowadays, Earl is the father of two healthy and full-of-life girls who he credits with helping to tether him to this world. Earl has also worked with the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community for the last three years, and has been instrumental in raising awareness about the impact of homelessness on people's emotional health and well being. Recently, he has joined the Center For Human Development as a Coordinator of Peer Roles, as a part of a Community Based Flexible Supports contract. He recently won an award for his leadership with initiating a successful project in Springfield, Massachusetts aimed at integrating peer support into the world of housing and tenancy preservation. He has co-authored a blog on Mad in America focused on racism and the movement to undo psychiatric oppression.