Dana Lloyd

Dana Lloyd has been an advocate alongside people experiencing injustice on both a personal and professional level for over two decades. Dana currently serves as director of the Developmental Disabilities Program at the Georgia Advocacy Office and leads Georgia’s Supported Decision-Making Coalition, including the CYVYC Community of Practice. Dana and the GAO worked with Georgia’s Division of Adult Protective Service)s to develop a process of training and evaluation that strives to connect vulnerable people to services and support that meet their needs and avoid guardianship. Her professional career began providing direct support to people with disabilities to live in their own apartments and have access to the good things in life through valued social roles and contributing to their community. Later she supported and trained other direct support professionals in key principles of person centeredness and community building. Before joining the GAO Dana spent several years working with families combating poverty and homelessness and refugees navigating the resettlement process. Dana is passionate about justice work and committed to building communities where we all flourish.