Lindsey Vezina

Lindsey Vezina is the Coordinator of our Kiva Worcester Center and has been with the Kiva Centers for a decade. She brings her qualifications and expertise as a certified Yoga Instructor to all of our centers as well as her training experience. She is trained by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and has organized multiple Trauma-Informed Peer Facilitation Training as well as is a facilitator for The Parenting Journey, receiving her training in Somerville, MA.

Lindsey is also the owner and operator of Yoga by Lindsey and her young persons yoga studio Yo Omies both located in Putnam, CT. She received her Trauma-Informed Yoga training in Brooklyn, NY in 2017. She travels throughout school systems teaching yoga and mindfulness with a focus on the reduction of anxious feelings. Her mental health career began in NYC at the Chelton Loft Clubhouse as a community coordinator. She is active in advocacy for the fair treatment of all persons, particularly in mental health, domestic violence, and childhood trauma. Lindsey is currently studying to become bilingual in Spanish. She is interested in paddle boarding, travel, spending time with her family and friends, and particularly with her 8-year-old Pomeranian, Alice. Lindsey is a Boston sports team aficionado, and never misses the opportunity to attend live games and support her favorite teams. She’s the real deal-no Pink Hat for this real fan!