Dennis Feld, J.D.

Dennis Feld, Deputy Director of New York State Mental Hygiene Legal Service (MHLS)*, conceived and co-founded, together with Tom Behrendt, past NARPA president, the Special Litigation and Appeals Unit of MHLS. Mr. Feld has authored two New York State Office of Court Administration publications: Representing the Mentally Disabled Criminal Defendant: Post-Admission Proceedings and Dispositions; and Civil Litigation and Motion Practice in Mental Health Advocacy. He is currently Deputy Director of Special Litigation and Appeals with MHLS, and has lectured extensively at continuing legal education forums on advocacy for persons subject to involuntary treatment and commitment, and at international forums on law and mental health. He has served as a member of NARPA's Board of Directors.

*For identification purposes only. The views of this presenter do not necessarily reflect the views of the Mental Hygiene Legal Service.