Highlights of Public Act 07-116 - Conservatorship Reform in Connecticut


  • Procedural protections

    • No jurisdiction without service
    • No evidence without finding of jurisdiction
    • Hearing on the record
    • Termination and review schedules and standards
  • Required consideration of factors before determination.

  • No conservatorship if there is less restrictive intervention

  • Limited conservatorship the norm:

    • Each duty must be explicitly ordered
    • Each duty must be limited to meet the needs of the conserved person
    • Each duty must be justified in the order
    • No sale or disposal of real or personal property, loss of tenancy or lease, move to long term care without court permission
  • Deference to wishes of conserved person

    • Health Care Representative
    • Advance Directives
    • Choice of conservator
  • Duties of conservator to remove obstacles to and to promote self determination and independence

Sally Zanger, Connecticut Legal Rights Project