Kathie Zatkin

Organizational Affiliations:
System Liaison, Alameda County Network of Mental Health Clients, a client-run self help organization;
CA Network of Mental Health Clients;
Coalition of Californians for Olmstead (COCO), a coalition of consumer and advocacy organizations working toward community inclusion of all people with disabilities through implementation of the Olmstead decision.

J.D., Hastings College of the Law,
MSW, California State University, Sacramento,
AB University of California Berkeley

Kathie describes her work this way: "advocating for persons labeled 'mentally ill' to receive services without having to give away their civil rights," a position she describes as becoming increasingly difficult.

Her main interests and foci this year have been working against expansion of forced treatment, highlighting the importance of informed consent and due process rights, confronting the fallacy that persons labeled "mentally ill" lack decision-making capacity, maintaining the distinction between traditional client-run self help and blended programs, raising ethical dilemmas in some unexpected places, and working to ensure that Olmstead implementation includes real choice for persons with mental disabilities.

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