National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Anne Kasper


Anne Kasper is a peer support specialist with experience working in inpatient, employment support and residential settings.


Anne has been involved in several committees concerning public safety and mental health as a peer representative. These include the Portland Public Police Behavioral Health Unit Advisory Committee, the City of Portland Mayor Potter's Public Safety Workforce, the Multnomah County Local Public Safety Coordinating Council Mental Health and Public Safety Subcommittee, and Oregon Partners in Crisis. She has had experiences with police in Portland, OR, and Japan at times when she was not doing well.


With a masters in Applied Linguistics, Anne gossips in French, German, and Japanese. She worked as an English as Second Language instructor abroad, a refugee resettlement coordinator, and activist for Iraqi Kurds. She hosts “Advocate for Wellness” - a local access television show about mental health which can also be found on YouTube. From her extensive research, Anne can tell you which psychiatric unit in Portland serves the best desserts.