The Right to Be MAD: Surviving Race

Chyrell Bellamy, Ph.D., MSW

Based on the issue of rights and madness for BIPOC - exploring what madness means for folx of color and how madness for folx of color gets demonized and leads to further “policing” or pathologizing of madness, and what that means in the context of rights movements, allyship, and leadership. This extends work with the late, Celia Brown, based on a soon to be published in Advances in Disability Research Ethics: Chapter 5 On Surviving Race with Allies: Disability, Race/Ethnicity, and Human Rights. By Celia Brown, Clarencetine (Teena) Brooks, Jonathan P. Edwards, Chyrell D. Bellamy and Kathleen O’Hara and also a paper with colleagues from Australia called the “Right to be mad: Centering the voices of BIPOC peer supporters, with Louise Byrne, Niharika Hiremath, Jonathan Edwards, Anton Isaacs, and Helena Roennfeldt. This talk will build on and honor the work of Celia Brown on Surviving Race and that of Lois Curtis, Pearl Johnson and others.