The Spectrum of Psychiatric Force Abolition A Participatory Dialogue Experience

Will Hall, and Kate Hill

We agree on forced psychiatry abolition - but what kind, how, what do we mean, what if...? We're on the same side of the issue, yet we stand in different positions. How can we deepen our listening, learn from each other, and strengthen our unity-in-diversity for change? Come participate in this live, engaged, dynamic conversation using the movement tool of a spectrum dialogue, where we shift locations in the room, stand for what we believe in, to engage with each other's voices and points of view. (Movement disability accessible.)

Learning objectives:

  • Experience diverse positions, all in favor of abolishing forced psychiatry, and see how they interact.
  • Deepen appreciation of how to listen across differences among allies.
  • Hear new perspectives on why we need to abolish forced psychiatry - and how.