Picture Social Justice: Execution by the Numbers

Rock Grant, Emily Stephenson, and Mitzy Sky

In 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled executing people with Intellectual Disabilities unconstitutional. Nearly 20 years later, American Courts continue to usher the Intellectually Disabled to Death Row.

EXECUTION BY THE NUMBERS is about those who are the least powerful and most endangered people in the part of the justice system where the stakes are life-and-death. They are people who have Intellectual Disabilities, have been sentenced to death, and are disproportionately poor and Black or Hispanic. For people with an ID, the skids to prison are greased, because they are easily led into falsely confessing, tend to have difficulty assisting in their own defense, and often fail to comprehend consequences of their actions, to be able to conform their actions to the law, and to understand the death penalty.

Topics to Discuss for Conference:

  • What is Picture Social Justice and why is it needed?
  • Who is Paula Caplan?
  • Why are we making Execution by the Numbers?
  • The Intellectually Disabled in the American Justice System
  • Presentation of Trailer
  • Q & A