The ACL Grassroots Project: An Invitation to Connect, Engage, and Advocate

Kate Brady, Ph.D., ABD

In this session we would like to share with the NARPA community about this national effort to support grassroots disability advocacy. Furthermore, we would like to hear from attendees about their experiences with advocacy and the tools, methods, and strategies they employ for affecting change. This project affords us the opportunity to be responsive to unmet needs in advocacy support and we’d like to learn about what resources might be supportive of the work already underway. We will have a national environmental scan to share with the audience as well as resources for Home and Community-Based Services advocacy.

Session attendees will learn:

  •  How to join efforts to grow and support disability advocacy through the ACL Grassroots Project.
  •  Implications of environmental scan of the state of disability advocacy nationally.
  •  Pathways and tools for influencing home and community-based services in your state.