Mental Health in Cyberspace and Digital Rights

Ann Kasper, M.A., P.S.S.

The future of digital mental health is here now. Discover out how to skillfully and safely navigate these digital spaces and risks at an individual and organizational level. The newest governmental mental health tech related regulations will be introduced. This workshop is for people at all technical levels. Ann Kasper, advocate, a council member of the Health Information Technology Oversight Council (Oregon) and tech enthusiast is your guide.

Participants will:

  1. Have some fun in group exercises and learning about digital mental health rights
  2. Be introduced to the concepts of local, statewide and national CIEs (Community Information Exchange) and HIEs (Health Information Exchanges) and the role that the newest California regulations will have on healthcare the rest of the nation
  3. Understand at least two of the newest legislative issues of medical privacy rights and implications for individuals of all ages and organizations
  4. Learn and share some security tricks when using mental health apps or software to ensure more privacy
  5. Discuss and plan actions participants as individuals and organizations can do together to ensure the best humane and digitally affected healing care
  6. Be introduced to some of the best jokes in the entire NARPA conference to take away