Alternatives to Guardianship

Brandon Booth, of Disability Rights South Dakota

We would present what is guardianship and conservatorship, and the restrictions of those legal creatures on the protected individuals by both the courts and their guardians and conservators. We then explore other alternative planning options. These options can include supported decision making, in the states that have this option. We delve into other options such as financial planning, healthcare planning, and various forms of power of attorney, and discuss how alternative planning can give supports to individuals where they need the supports, but still giving them anatomy over their own life and direction. We encourage this to be a discussion with all parties involved, with risks and benefits being weighed, to find the least restrictive option.

 What is guardianship and what is conservatorship?
 What is supported decision making? What if my state doesn’t have supported decision making?
 What are other alternative planning tools?
 What discussions to have when looking at guardianship and alternative planning?