Building Community to Combat Forced Treatment/Rights Violations

Ron Bassman, Ph.D. and Celia Brown

The presenters, Ron Bassman, the new Executive Director of MindFreedom Internatioanal (MFI) and Celia Brown, MFI’s Board president, will discuss the importance and challenges of community organizing. Through lecture and discussion the vulnerability of everyone to being forced into harmful treatments will be examined. The history of survivor activism and our allies has historically been rooted in changing our individual powerlessness into community power. MindFreedom International’s community organizing efforts have been a home for many who are challenging rampant rights abuses. MFI’s Shield program, despite limited resources, has been able to successfully challenge and help some individuals resist forced treatment. This workshop will look at how we can expand organizing efforts, engage allies and become more active in supporting and demanding individual choice – not force.

Workshop Objectives:
To learn benefits of community organizing; its impact on personal recovery and empowerment; finding belonging/ mutual support: finding an outlet for expressing and healing the hurt.