Trauma Translated

Victoria Bernard, Advocacy Unlimited, and Nyamuon Nguany Machar, Youth MOVE Maine

The mental health system we see here today was developed and geared towards a western demographic. As alternative, renewed and revived engagement methods and practices are investigated we run the danger of perpetuating practices that are damaging or not all encompassing when we fail to have representation at the meeting tables. Trauma informed practices have become the staple way many organizations have attempted to start being more alert of hurtful, neglectful, and sometimes discriminating ways they maybe engaging communities and people one on one. Though needed and encouraged, one missing component in the deliverance, training, conversation and execution of trauma informed practices is the understanding that Trauma Translates in different cultures, economies and environments. Therefore being trauma informed isn’t a mastered practice it’s being in a state of constant learning with a humble curiosity that is driven by genuine empathy and intention to learn as we teach.

Course materials: