Partners in Independence: Service Animals and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Ericka Reil

There is so much confusion about what the difference is between a Service animal versus a support animal. What are the rights regarding an individual with a dog that provides service and a cat that provides support? Does the dog need to be certified? Can the landlord ask for a doctor’s note? Can you have a support cat in no-pet housing? Can you have a service dog for your anxiety? What if you are in a homeless shelter? Can you then bring your dog? What about a business and what can they ask about your dog? What if you have a service horse? These are questions that are asked daily. In this workshop, questions will be answered in plain language about the laws surrounding Service dogs and support animals. We will discuss what the Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act say about animals, understanding these laws, and your rights around having these partners in independence.