Film Screening: Crazy - a documentary feature

In 2011, Eric, diagnosed schizophrenic, faced a critical choice - comply with traditional mental health treatment or follow his own path to wellness. Eric’s doctors believe he must be medicated for his own protection, but after eight years of psych meds, Eric chooses to refuse drugs he believes may harm him. Eric ‘s decision unleashes a series of personal, legal and medical battles that raise questions about the efficacy of antipsychotics, the ethics of forced treatment and the role of agency in treatment.

  • Psych meds work great for some but not for all and most people end up going off them because they can't deal with the side effects. How do we handle that?
  • Should we force people to take medications, is it necessary, does it work, who decides?
  • What is the truth about people diagnosed with mental illness and dangerousness and how does that impact treatment?
  • What does it mean for people who are diagnosed to have agency and choice in their treatment?

Link to the film's website for trailer and more info.

Lise Zumwalt has produced, written and edited documentary films for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TELEVISION, PBS, WNET, BBC, NBC, THE HISTORY CHANNEL, INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY and the DISCOVERY CHANNEL on series including NATURE, NOVA, WIDE ANGLE, WHO CARES ABOUT GIRLS, AMERICAN INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS & LOCKDOWN and has won fourteen awards for her work. Highlights include, SEX WORKERS OR VICTIMS, an investigation into the domestic sex trade of teenage girls with reporter Lisa Ling, (Gracie Award for Outstanding Documentary ML), IN-BETWEEN, innovative segments about the economy from mainstreamers like Nouriel Roubini to outsiders like Rev. Billy Thalen and the Emmy-nominated INSIDE THE SECRET SERVICE. CRAZY, a one-hour independent documentary feature about a young man diagnosed schizophrenic who battles a local county for control over his treatment will be released in 2017.