P&A & Psych Survivors Working for Systemic Change

P&A & Psych Survivors Working for Systemic Change

Lydia Richard & Catherine Bustin

This workshop will be about co-organizing of Disability Rights Maine's PAIMI Advisory Council (PAC) with psychiatric survivors to bring about system changes. The "Sharing Voices and Visions"has brought together psychiatric survivors from across the state together to work on issues that are important to them. We will talk about the process, challenges, barriers, and the impact that has resulted. This collaboration brings many benefits to both the PAC and psychiatric survivors as well as the entire state. Maine has unique challenges being very rural in places and yet having cities that provide a wide arrange of services. Our hope is to show participants how to make these connections and work together with folks who have been oppressed by the system for years. We also want to help participants avoid the pitfalls and how to overcome obstacles that interfere with working together.

Powerpoint: P&A & Psych Survivors Working for Systemic Change

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Lydia Richard

Catherine Bustin