Bill Stewart,[Ann Rider, M.S.W., Pat Risser, & Anupa Iyer, J.D.

Welcome to NARPA! Come and learn about NARPA's history and traditions, how NARPA is run, the kinds of activities we do and how you can become part of NARPA's future.

There is sometimes a gap between long-time conference attendees and people who are attending their first NARPA conference. We tend to reference “]Olmstead[,” “]Rae,”  “Judi'sbook[,” and “]Mad in America[” ] [(][not to mention NDRN, SAMHSA, NCD, CMHS, NCIL, NAPS, NAPA, NAMP, and NAPAS)][][without explaining what we are talking about. This workshop is intended to provide an orientation to NARPA: our mission, our rich]history[, our achievements, our structure, (and yes) our weaknesses. First-time conference attendees are encouraged to attend to gain perspective and to meet NARPA leaders.

NARPA depends on your activism and input.

Controversial Language (Pat Risser)

Link to brief presenter bios:

Anupa Iyer, J.D.

Ann Rider, MSW

Patrick Risser

Bill Stewart, M.A. Clinical Psychology