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August[ 20-23, 2015]


Embassy Suites Washington DC - Convention Center 900 10^th^ St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20001 **

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Conference Keynotes

Leah Harris
Storyteller, Human Rights Activist, and Survivor
Coordinator of the Recovery Now! Campaign
Communications Director at the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law


Robert Fleischner, JD
Center for Public Representation
National Expert on Advance Directives, Guardianship, & P&A Access
Litigator - Community Integration, Prison Mental Health, Juvenile Justice


Chacku Mathai, CPRP
Director, STAR Center -
SAMHSA TA Center for Consumer-Peer Run Programs
Supporting Communities to Embrace Lived Experience Leadership  


Bruce E. Levine, PhD
Psychologist and Author,
Surviving America's Depression Epidemic and Commonsense Rebellion [ Why Psychiatry Survives Despite Lost Scientific Credibility]


Robert Dinerstein, JD
American University Washington School of Law
Author, Law Professor & Director of Disability Rights Clinic

Arlene S. Kanter, JD, LLM
Syracuse University College of Law Author, Law Professor & Director, Disability Law and Policy Program [ Recent Developments in Mental Health Law - 2015]

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits will be available.

[Film Screenings by Directors & Filmmakers]

[And many more workshops by well-known advocates, activists and attorneys from the ] [disability rights community. ][C][heck NARPA's website at ][[]]{.Hyperlink1}[for conference updates!]

Conference begins with Thursday evening reception and ends Sunday noon.

[Please reserve your hotel room by August 3, 2015.
]Embassy Suites Washington DC - Convention Center 900 10^th^ St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20001
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Request the special NARPA rate of $139 single/double. Rate includes complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast and cocktail at nightly manager's reception.

Note the August 3 deadline for this room rate. Prices will rise substantially, so book now!

Advocate/attorney workshop presenters emphasizing NARPA's mission of advocacy and civil rights:

Jennifer Mathis,Bill StewartAnupa Iyer GeevargheseDarby Penney,  Leah HarrisBethany Lilly, JD, Ruby Moore, David Perry, PhD,Aaryce Hayes, LCSW,  Chris Hansen, Dennis Feld, JD, Arthur Baer, JD, Eric Rosenthal, JD, Arlene Kanter,JD, & Sofía Galván Puente, JD, Ira Burnim, JD, Lydia Richard, Catherine Bustin, Emily Read, JD, Lewis Bossing, JD,Karen Rosenthal, Jessica Nagel, Mark Jennings, Darby Penney, Howard Trachtman, Aaryce Hayes LCSW, Patrick Risser,) Sera Davidow, Caroline White, Wallace KirbyTaylar NuevelleEmily Tatro, JD, Jennifer Mathis, JD,, Lauren Tenney, PhD, Eva Dech, Jennifer Mathis, JD, Bethany Lilly, JD, Noel Hunter, Melissa SchroederCasadi Marino, Tammy Seltzer, JD, Michael Allen, JD, John Jones Patrick Risser), Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D., Steven Stone, Ann Rider, MSW, Robert D. Fleischner JD  the keynote speakers, and others.

Workshops include:

Crisis Intervention & Beyond: Strategies to Prevent Tragic Encounters between Law Enforcement & People with Disabilities](/conferences/2015/Crisis_Intervention_and_Beyond.htm) - Leah HarrisBethany Lilly, JD, & David Perry, PhD

Why Psychiatry Survives Despite Lost Scientific Credibility -- and Battling Against Oppression

How To Perform Investigations of Serious Incidents -- Part I -Aaryce Hayes, LCSW

Using Civil Rights Laws to Expand Access to Housing [-] Michael Allen, JD

Fighting Segregation in the US & Abroad: The ADA & International Law as Tools for Advocacy - Eric Rosenthal, JD, Director, Disability Rights International, Arlene Kanter,JD, LLM, & Sofía Galván Puente, JD

Introduction to Intentional Peer Support -- Chris Hansen

Fear and Loathing: Forced Treatment in Derogation of Life and Limb: Developing Strategies to Confront Forced Treatment in the Face of Institutional Condescension, Coercion and Expediency - Dennis Feld, JD & Arthur Baer, JD

Parental Rights - Ira Burnim, JD, Legal Director, Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

P&A & Psych Survivors Working for Systemic Change -- Lydia Richard & Catherine Bustin

Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Workshop -- Emily Read, JD, Dennis Feld, JD, & Arthur Baer, JD

Voting Rights - Lewis Bossing, JD, Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

Harm Reduction -- A Critical Ingredient for Human Rights -- Karen Rosenthal, Jessica Nagel & Mark Jennings

Who Gets to Define “Peer Support?” The Dangers of Substituted Values and Voice - Darby Penney

Ending Restraint & Seclusion in Schools - Howard Trachtman, Aaryce Hayes LCSW, & Patrick Risser)

Peer Roles Re-Defined in Forensic Settings:  Potentials for Positive Collaboration Between Human Rights Attorneys, Peer Workers, and People Hospitalized -- Sera Davidow & Caroline White

Trauma & Healing in Corrections: “The Impossible Dream?” -- Wallace KirbyTaylar Nuevelle & Emily Tatro, JD

The ADA, Sheltered Workshops & Minimum WageJennifer Mathis, JD & Ruby Moore

Guardianship -- Professor Robert Dinerstein, JD

Aspirational Arguments from (de)VOICED: Survivors of Deadly Force with Deadly Weapons -- Lauren Tenney, PhD & Eva Dech

Understanding The Struggle Over H.R. 2646 (The Murphy Bill, AKA the “Helping Families In Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015”) - Jennifer Mathis, JD & Bethany Lilly, JD

Entering Enemy Lines To Create Change:  Delusion or Possibility? - Noel Hunter, Melissa SchroederCasadi Marino

Jail Issues/Legal -- Tammy Selzer, JD, Director, DC Jail and Prison Advocacy Project

Advocacy 101John Jones & Patrick Risser)

Is Anybody Listening? - Film & Discussion - Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D., Patrick Risser) & Steven Stone

NARPA 101 -- Bill Stewart, MA Clinical Psychology, Ann Rider, MSW, Anupa Iyer, JD, & Patrick Risser)

"Diagnosisgate":  Scandal After Scandal Since Last Year's NARPA Keynote - Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D.

Robert D. Fleischner JD - Segregated Education Litigation

and more.

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Note:Presentations, presenters, and scheduled times are subject to change.

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