Litigation Challenging Outpatient Commitment

[ Litigation Challenging Outpatient Commitment

[[Pamela Cohen, J.D.][, ][[[Dennis Feld, J.D.][ & ][[[Arthur Baer, J.D.]

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[ This workshop will discuss legal theories that may be used to challenge the implementation of involuntary outpatient commitment laws.  We will also explore lessons learned fromlitigation that challenged Kendra's Law in New York and discuss how those lessons may inform potential litigation elsewhere, including California, where Laura's Law is beginning to be implemented in new jurisdictions.


Cases Challenging AOT (pdf)

[[SF Chronicle Op-ed: Voluntary mental health services will deliver better outcomes][, Eduardo Vega & Catherine Blakemore, 6/5/14 > [ Laura's Law compels treatment of the mentally ill; The problem? Such laws don't work Patt Morrison, LA Times, 7/22/14 > [[Assissted Outpatient Treatment Demonstration Project Act of 2002 (AKA "Laura's Law)]

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[[Pamela Cohen, J.D.]

[[Dennis Feld, J.D.]

[[Arthur Baer, J.D.]