Intentional Peer Support as a Framework for Building Community

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[A diagnosis of mental illness can shatter an individual's sense of belonging to the larger community.  Intentional Peer Support is a framework for creating mutual and dynamic relationships that can help people overcome isolation; examining how we have come to understand our experiences; and exploring new possibilities for living well.  This institute will discuss the principles and tasks of IPS and how purposeful relationships contribute to vibrant community life. > [This Presentation will be very interactive, and will utilize Powerpoint slides, discussion, and self-reflection to enable participants to gain a basic understanding of Intentional Peer Support and how it will influence relationships, and therefore build stronger communities. >

[ [Learning Objectives:[ ][ [1.  ][[Participants will be able to describe and demonstrate: [T][[[he three principles][[: ][[Co-learning versus Helping;][[ [Focus on the Relationship versus the Individual;][[ ][[Hope versus Fear][[...  ][][[ and four tasks of Intentional Peer Support:  Establishing Connection,][[[ ][[Understanding Worldview,][[ ][][[ Creating Mutuality, Moving Towards instead of Moving Away [2.  Participants will be able to understand how quality relationships create vibrant communities][[ ][[ Participants will be able to apply skills for creating dynamic conversations that inspire mutual learning and growth >

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