Ethical Psychopharmacology  - David Cohen, Ph.D.

[ Ethical Psychopharmacology

[[ David Cohen, Ph.D.]

[In this workshop I wish to engage in a conversation with participants about the ethical and scientific foundations of practice with people who take prescribed or non-prescribed psychoactive drugs for purposes of behavior change or relief of distress. The main practical questions asked by people about these drugs might be: Should I start to take them? Should I continue to take them (and in what manner)? Should I stop to take them (and in what manner)? Can we identify other important practical questions that people have about psychoactive drugs, and especially, the skills (e.g., preparation, personal knowledge/experience, academic qualifications, empathy, legal permissions, etc.) that anyone who wants to work responsibly with people around these practical questions might desirably possess or acquire? Is it desirable to create new “experts” about these substances and their uses?

[Goals and Objectives

[1.[       ][To formulate ideas about essential foundations for ethical

[psychopharmacology practice [2.[      ][To show how medical and non-medical helping professionals and

[laypersons can increase their ‘expertise' about psychopharmacology to help themselves and others

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[[David Cohen, Ph.D.][