Challenging Use of Force: US Department of Justice Investigates Law Enforcement in Portland and Seattle

Challenging Use of Force:  US Department of Justice Investigates Law Enforcement  in Portland and Seattle

[ ][[[Jan E. Friedman, J.D][. & Anne Kasper, & ][ [J. Michael Diaz, J.D.]

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In encounters with law enforcement, people with psychiatric disabilities are disproportionately subjected to excessive ---  sometimes lethal --- force. Often there are minimal or no consequences for the officers involved. Panelists will discuss the recent US Department of Justice investigations into law enforcement practices in the cities of Portland and Seattle, their outcomes and ongoing controversies.  What conduct or conditions led to the investigations? What were DOJ's findings, and how adequate are the remedies or proposed remedies? What alternative approaches could decrease use of force? What are the obstacles to holding law enforcement accountable, and how might they be overcome?

[ Testimony by Tom Steenson Regarding the Proposed Settlement Agreement Between the DOJ and the City Of Portland

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[[Jan E. Friedman, J.D][. > [Anne Kasper > [ J. Michael Diaz, Assistant United States Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice