NARPA 2005

Reclaiming Freedom: A Call to Action

Sheraton Hartford Hotel, Hartford, CT
November 17 - November 20, 2005

NARPA 2005

Sheraton Hartford Hotel, Hartford, CT
November 17-20, 2005

Hartford, Connecticut
Come join us in Hartford for NARPA's Annual Rights Conference. Learn and be inspired by outstanding presenters and each other. Whether you're a NARPA veteran or newcomer, come learn, have fun and re-energize for the personal and collective battles we must continue to fight - especially today with so many challenges to individual rights and liberty!

2005 Conference Keynoters:

Judi Chamberlin, Psychiatric survivor and activist since 1971 Author, On Our Own: Patient-Controlled Alternatives to the Mental Health System,Co-Founder of the National Empowerment Center Some Reflections on Freedom and Advocacy--Looking Back and Looking Forward

Professor David Cohen, Ph.D., *Florida International University Author, Researcher, and Expert on Psychiatric Medications Doing Away with Prescription-Only Drugs**

[Peter Cubra, J.D.](/bios/cubra), Childrens Rights Attorney Founder, Advocacy, Inc. - Albuquerque, NM New freedom or old freedom? Just whose freedom are we working for?

[Aaryce Hayes, M.S.W.](/bios/hayes), Advocate Advocacy, Inc., Texas Herding Cats, Passing Restraint Legislation in Texas

Mark Davis, Advocate, Bisexual/Gay/Intersex/Lesbian/Transgender/Questioning Rights 20-year veteran of the consumer/survivor movement Freedom from the 4-F Club: Feeling Fabulously Fruity and Feisty

Well-known advocates and activists will present more than thirty workshops, including:

And much more...

The Conference begins with check-in registration at 4 PM with the first plenary at 6 PM followed by a reception on November 17. The Conference ends at 12:30 on Sunday, Nov. 20.
For more information contact NARPA via the web.

For more than two decades, NARPA has provided an educational conference with inspiring keynoters and outstanding workshops. We learn from each other, share with colleagues and come together as a community committed to social justice for people with psychiatric labels and developmental disabilities.

We invite YOU to join US in Hartford, CT, November 17-20, 2005.

NARPA 2005 November 17-20, 2005 Sheraton Hartford Hotel 100 East River Drive East Hartford, CT 06108