NARPA Statement on Charlottesville

August 15, 2017

The National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy (NARPA) works to protect and advance human rights for individuals who have been psychiatrically labeled, people of all cultures, creeds, gender identities, sexual orientations, immigration or refugee status, diagnoses, or criminal histories. Based on our experience working with some of the most oppressed individuals in our society, we strongly condemn the actions of fascist, neo-Nazi, racist, white supremacist, and white nationalist groups, many carrying torches and guns, who invade cities prepared to engage in violence against innocent citizens. The murder of a peaceful protestor is abhorrent.

We support every citizen's right to free expression. However, free expression that includes hate speech and advocates and practices violence will continue to be met with resistance and peaceful counter-protest. The actions of a small group of terrorists have lasting effects on individuals and communities, effects that are harmful to the emotional well-being of all living in those communities. We stand on the side of peace, tolerance and acceptance for all. We support ongoing dialogue and peaceful protest, ensuring that individuals and communities can heal and grow.