Virginia M. Teixeira, J.D.

Gina Teixeira joined the Connecticut Legal Rights Project, Inc. (CLRP), in 2003 as a Paralegal Advocate. Since graduating from law school in 2011, she has served as a CLRP Staff Attorney. She represents clients on locked psychiatric units, challenging deprivations of liberty. She litigates in opposition to forced treatment orders, including forced electroshock, and to redress the financial exploitation of clients under conservatorships (guardianships). In addition, Gina represents clients in housing court, defending against eviction and pursuing landlords who unlawfully discriminate due to disability, lawful source of income, or who otherwise violate the rights of tenants with disabilities. She also represents clients in Social Security disability appeals. Before coming to CLRP, Gina taught English as a second language in Connecticut. She is admitted to practice in Connecticut state courts and before the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut.