Rachel Mirsky, J.D.

Rachel Mirsky is a supervising attorney at Disability Rights Connecticut. She manages abuse and neglect investigations at a variety of facilities throughout the State of Connecticut for individuals with mental health issues, intellectual disabilities, and traumatic brain injuries. Her work also includes litigating and advocating for institutionalized disabled persons seeking placement in the community.

She started her legal career in public interest law and brings this passionate and varied litigation experience to DRCT. Prior to DRCT, Rachel owned a law firm in New Haven where she represented clients with intellectual disabilities and who have mental health disabilities in need of improved access to housing, vocational services, and social security benefits. She also defended clients in complex criminal litigation. Her litigation experience includes being a public defender in two states as well as a family/domestic violence attorney for Connecticut Legal Services. She has successfully won state and federal trials, and hearings defending clients where mental health issues were a barrier to their success.

As an individual born with cerebral palsy, her personal experiences inform her continued drive to help others with disabilities. A native of Maryland, Rachel has also defended clients in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Kentucky in addition to Connecticut.