Deron Drumm - Advocacy Unlimited

Deron Drumm

Deron Drumm is the Co-Executive Director of Advocacy Unlimited and the Director of Recovery University. [He is a person who self-identifies as having experienced extreme, altered and addictive states. His passion is to advocate for a shift away from the brain pathology paradigm. He speaks and presents on the absolute need to demand the human rights of people labeled “mentally ill.”

Deron openly and honestly talks about “hitting bottom" to demonstrate where emotional distress and addictive states can lead and how through intentional living one's life can be reshaped.

Deron teaches and inspires people to use their lived experience to help other people in recovery. He is proud to have found recovery after many difficulties caused by untreated mental illness and gambling addiction. He has shared his recovery story and provided information about Recovery University in various forums around the state, including two television programs. Deron's goal is to tell and show that recovery and comebacks in life are very possible.