Peter Cubra, J.D.

Peter M. Cubra, J.D.

Peter Cubra is a founder of Advocacy, Inc., a non-profit corporation whose lawyers have been representing abused and neglected children since 1986. He is also a past President of New Mexico Association of Counsel for Children, an affiliate of the National Association of Counsel for Children. Peter has also served as a board member and president of NARPA. He is a recipient of the New Mexico Bar Association's Outstanding Contribution to People with Disabilities Award.

Peter's practice is limited to representing people with disabilities, and since 1983 he has brought class action litigation against prisons, jails, training schools, the child welfare system, and the state Medicaid agency. His work on the landmark case of Jackson v. Fort Stanton Hospital and Training School resulted in the closure of New Mexico's state institutions for individuals with developmental disabilities and the placement of clients in integrated community settings.