Cathy Costanzo, J.D. -- Center for Public Representation


Cathy Costanzo, an attorney with the Center for Public Representation, has worked in the mental disability law field since 1977 and has extensive experience in providing representation to institutionalized persons throughout the country. She is the former director of the Massachusetts PAIMI Project, the former chair of the National Disability Rights Network's Legal Committee, and one of the Center's senior attorneys who provide legal backup to P&A attorneys around the country. Ms. Costanzo is co-counsel in a number of class action cases that seek to promote the integration and to expand the rights of persons with psychiatric and developmental disabilities. She has directed the Center's restraint and seclusion project, its death watch project, and its multi-state initiative on challenging the use of aversive punishment on persons with developmental disabilities.

Articles by Cathy E. Costanzo

“Compulsory Community Treatment: Distorted Doctrines and Violated Values,” 20 Loyola L. R. 1329 (l987)(with Steven J. Schwartz) New Community Opportunities for People With Retardation: Legal Manual for Consumers, Families, and Workers (l985) (co-author) “Protecting the Rights and Enhancing the Dignity of People With Disabilities,”* 14 Rutgers Law J. 541 (1983) (co-author)