National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

Advocacy for Criminal Justice-Involved Individuals with Trauma Histories and Mental Health Diagnoses:
the DC Jail and Prison Advocacy Project

Tammy Seltzer, J.D.

Housed within Washington’s Protection and Advocacy organization, the DC Jail and Prison Advocacy Project’s (JPAP’s) multi-disciplinary team of lawyers and advocates assists DC residents with reentry from the DC Jail complex and Federal Bureau of Prison facilities around the country. In addition to helping individuals overcome obstacles to reentry, JPAP tackles systemic issues such as inappropriate discipline of people with mental illness at the jail. Learn about JPAP’s efforts to hold community behavioral health providers accountable to returning citizens, bring trauma informed care to correctional settings, secure pre-release Social Security disability benefits for incarcerated women, and advocate for a step-down (rehabilitation) unit in the jail to prepare men for community reentry or entering general population.

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Tammy Seltzer, J.D.